14 Ekim 2012 Pazar

The End

Two strangers are trying to understand each other. 

X: I was sixteen when I first listened ‘The End’. 

Y: Really? I never clearly understood the song. But it tempted me to like them. Especially Morrison. 
X: I hate his shadow. 
Y: What do you mean? 
X: Ray Manzarek is such a great musician. It was unfair that the whole band had to quit when Morrison attempted suicide. 
Y: I doubt about that. We still don’t know whether it was suicide or a simple overdose night. 
X: That’s not the point. He was always under the spotlights. The others were somehow excluded. 
Y: Excluded from what? 
X: From Morrison. 
Y: Morrison was The Doors. 

The End.

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